My Coffee Journey - Brew Beginnings

My Coffee Journey

Have you ever wondered how someone's coffee drinking habits can change over time? Let's take a look at my journey with coffee, from childhood to adulthood.

Early Introduction to Coffee

 I started drinking coffee right before the crack of entering junior high. It all began with regular get togethers with my aunt and uncle where bake goods, crackers, and cheese were enjoyed. Sometimes the goodies were provided for by these relatives, and other times they were provided by my parents. It was during these gatherings that I fell in love with having my coffee just like their mother - with cream and sugar.

Coffee in Adulthood

After graduating high school and entering the commercial world, coffee became a staple in my morning routine before heading off to work. Another cup was enjoyed during the mid-morning "coffee break." As I ventured into an electrical and HVAC business, long hours of work led to a dependency on coffee which kept me going.

The Attempt to Quit Coffee

There came a point when I decided to try quitting coffee because I felt dependant on it. However, the attempt didn't go as planned. One day, in a caffeine-deprived state, I made a critical error in judgment and ended up passing a school bus. This mistake resulted in the loss of my driver's license for two months.

Intermittent Fasting

In my early thirties, I experienced a significant weight gain and needed to find a more effective way to lose weight. I opted for intermittent fasting, although I acknowledge that some people view it negatively at times. I credit my losing 25 lbs. over 8 months to this dieting method partnered with coffee drinking. Essentially, intermittent fasting is just a form of time-restricted eating. For instance, I restricted my eating to the hours between 2 pm and 8 pm daily. During the morning and early afternoon while fasting, I only consumed water, coffee, and tea without any cream or sugar, which I used to have. Surprisingly, I discovered that I enjoyed my coffee more without additives and began to appreciate different flavor notes and profiles. This led me to lose interest in heavily commercialized coffee, as most of it tasted overly roasted or burnt, although there are a few good commercial roasters but they are hard to come by. Eventually, I came across a local specialty coffee roaster called Speakeasy Coffee Company, and I became a fan. My wife and I almost exclusively drank coffee from Speakeasy Coffee Company and One Village Coffee thereafter. Our interest in coffee expanded further when we attended a coffee convention and learned about cupping coffees, which sparked our desire to sample coffee from various roasters.

Organic Coffee

Over the years, my wife and I have placed increasing importance on consuming organic coffee. We plan to delve deeper into this topic in another blog post, but in essence, we believe it offers superior quality. We have observed varied effects on our health due to consuming non-organic coffee. Many mainstream roasters often use synthetic pesticides, which we prefer to avoid in our coffee due to potential chemical residues. Additionally, we advocate for sourcing coffee from specialty roasters as they have greater control over their processes and sourcing, reducing the risk of contaminants like mycotoxins in the coffee. Mycotoxins can lead to symptoms such as jitters, which some people mistakenly attribute to caffeine, highlighting the importance of choosing coffee carefully.

I Really Enjoy Coffee

From childhood gatherings to adult work routines, coffee has remained a steadfast companion throughout my life's journey. This illustrates how a basic beverage can weave itself into our everyday rituals and schedules. I always anticipate my coffee moments with eagerness, relishing the ritual, the enticing aroma, and the lifestyle that comes with savoring coffee. Moreover, it has seamlessly integrated into my morning Bible reading and prayer sessions, making it a perfect companion for those reflective moments.

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