Make Better Coffee From Home

Anticipate your daily premium coffee eagerly. No longer waste money on low quality convenience store coffee. Learn to maintain consistency in your coffee making. We believe using high quality organic beans and grinding matter more than the type coffee maker you use. Explore our suggestions for the perfect cup!

Step 1

Buy Whole Bean

Coffee is food. It is best if you can get your food and fresh as possible. Once coffee is ground it loses its freshness rapidly. This can happen as quickly as within 30 minutes of grinding.

Whole Bean Coffee
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Step 2

Don't Scoop

Don't use the inaccurate and inconsistent method of using scoops per cup. The weight of the coffee you choose is not going to be the same as the next coffee over so don't use scoops. Use a small kitchen scale and weight your coffee. Use grams to liters. The higher amount of grams, the stronger the taste. An appropriate range is 60-75 grams per liter. I personally do 62 grams per liter.

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Step 3

Grind At Home

With a good grinder your coffee can be ground at home with very little effort. It also assures that the grind size is appropriate for the extraction method you are using, whether it is percolation, infusion or expresso. The grinder we recommend to get started with allows you to set a cup range and grind size. You set those two parameters and press the start button and it does its thing. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

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